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Experimental effects bought on 200W prototype are discussed. Abstract: Low voltage insulators form an a must have a part of matlab programming electric power transmission system. Any failure in matlab programming sufficient performance of low voltage insulators will bring about considerable lack of capital, as there are lots of industries that rely upon matlab programming availability of an uninterrupted power supply. In this work, an 11KV porcelain insulator contaminated by various pollution such as Salt, Cement, Ash, Acid rain and carbon II oxide was tested using matlab PGK 250KV transformer to ascertain matlab programming breakdown voltage of matlab programming insulator due to matlab programming alternative pollutants. Test effects were recorded as follows: Dry insulator 90KV, dry insulator with water 78. 3KV, dry insulator with cement 90KV, wet insulator with cement 20KV, dry insulator with ash 70KV, wet insulator with ash 25KV, dry insulator with Salt 70KV, wet insulator with Salt 20KV and dry insulator with carbon II oxide 78. These two groups can come from alternative experimental remedies, or alternative “populations”. z test: It is an appropriate parametric statistical process when there is one sample it is being in comparison to matlab population with matlab known mean and conventional deviation. F test: matlab programming F test is designed to check if two population variances are equal. 10. CI returns matlab 1001 ALPHA% confidence period for matlab programming true mean of X. STATS returns matlab architecture with matlab programming following fields: ‘tstat’ matlab programming value of matlab programming test statistic ‘df’ matlab programming degrees of freedom of matlab programming test ‘sd’ matlab programming expected population general deviation.